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Supervision Magazine is a monthly magazine for supervisory and management personnel.  Its primary objective is to provide informative articles which develop the attitudes, skills, personal and professional qualities of the supervisory staff, enabling them to use more of their potential  to increase productivity, reduce operating costs, and achieve personal and company goals.

 CONTENT: Supervision Magazine contains five to six feature articles each month, plus several regular columns prepared by our contributing editors.  Most of the articles are contributed by people with practical experience in business and industry.  We also use question-and-answer interviews with people in industry and in-depth third-person features about how supervisors are doing their jobs in innovative ways.

 NEEDS: We can use articles dealing with motivation, leadership, human relations and communication - such as specific ways in which people in business and industry can deal with each other more effectively; ways the supervisor or manager can aid in the development of an individual employee; specific methods of supervision that produce results such as improved morale, lowered turnover, reduced absenteeism; ways to improve the communication of facts and feelings both upward and downward; how product costs and product quality affect the company's competitive position; topics that will stimulate the supervisor or manager to broaden his/her perspective, develop personally and thus make an increasing contribution to their company.

 SUBMISSION OF ARTICLES: We work in advance.  Therefore, articles may be retained up to a year.  There are no editorial calendars.  National Research Bureau buys all rights to written works submitted for paymentA signed release is required before publication.  We pay 4 cents per word.  Payment is made according to the release date of the issue in which the manuscript appears.  If you have an article that you would like to present for pure publication you may do so as well.  In this particular case payment will not be made, the writer will retain all rights and National Research Bureau will publish the article and any information about the author as provided.  Finished articles should contain from 1,500 to 2,000 words.    A sample is mailed to the writer upon publication.

Please include the approximate number of words, title of the article along with the writer’s name and address.  The format of the article should be single spaced and in font size no greater than 12 pts. Send the manuscript in a Microsoft Word file, along with any additional information including education, work history, and other related experience to the field of supervision and management.  Send all articles to

Your experience and ideas are valuable.  Through the pages of Supervision Magazine, your message may become helpful to thousands of supervisors and managers.