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Who is Supervision Magazine For?

Supervision Magazine is for anyone interested in becoming a stronger supervisor or manager. Supervision Magazine offers supervisors and managers the training and information they need to increase productivity and efficiency within the organization as well as offers a continual education, constantly reinforcing those skills necessary to successfully lead in business.

How Do I Subscribe To Supervision Magazine?

Simple, just click the subscriptions button on the left in the menu bar.

Who Publishes Supervision Magazine?

National Research Bureau is the publisher of Supervision Magazine. National Research Bureau is a division of Phoenix Venture, Inc.

How Do I Submit an Article to Supervision Magazine?

In order to submit an article please read the Writer's Guidelines for Supervision Magazine by clicking the link below. All information for proper submittal is included within the link.

Writer's Guidelines

What if I Did Not Receive an Issue of Supervision Magazine?

If you did not receive an issue of Supervision Magazine that your subscription includes, please click the link below and inquire about your problem through email. If you would prefer to contact us directly by telephone please call our customer service department at 319-752-5415.