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Since 1939 Supervision Magazine has been training and developing supervisors and managers across all industries world-wide. From FORTUNE 500 companies to universities and libraries to small businesses, Supervision Magazine has been there to provide the information and insight into those topics and issues facing supervisors and managers. Supervision Magazine's dedication to providing timely and relevant information to supervisors and managers alike has gained it the respect and trust of thousands of institutions throughout the world. Articles written by experts, professionals, and scholars provide real-world solutions and answers to help guide and develop the skills attitudes, and abilities of today's supervisors and managers. Featured columns appear regularly such as "Labor Law for Supervisors" and "Managing in the New Millennium" to enlighten and educate both supervisors and managers and provide necessary skills to successfully lead and grow in business.

Supervision Magazne is dedicated to the development and success of today's supervisors and managers. For more than 68 years Supervision Supervision Magazine is dedicated to the development and success of today's supervisors and managers. For more than 75 years Supervision Magazine has remained a staple in the guidance and improvement of supervisors and managers throughout the world. Hundreds of thousands of readers have experienced first-hand the power and knowledge this tool has to offer. Supervision Magazine is determined to continue providing the same training and education for supervisors and managers that it has more than 75 years, inspiring and motivating business leaders to be the best they can be.